Tears for Fears

If you guessed that my title was inspired by the 80’s “pop rock band”, then you have guessed correctly. If you haven’t heard of them, I definitely suggest you listen to them. (After reading my blog of course).

However, don’t let my title distract you from the true concept of this post…

I am very guilty of believing that crying once made me a weak individual. I was highly convinced tears were a sign of losing. I preferred to be seen as a senseless person instead of an emotional one.  I absolutely refused to allow others watch me cry. I used to always wait for an issue to lure away before I could speak of it. Over time, I realized this constant behavior was extremely unhealthy.

It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to feel sad.

We often discourage ourselves from allowing our souls to cleanse from emotions we interpret are “bad” to feel. For example, a heart break. We must remind ourselves that it is OKAY to cry.  It is okay to feel as if our world is crashing behind us… for our hearts to feel as if they have reached the bottom of the ocean; and to feel that awful lump in our throat when we speak. It isn’t a thrill to be sad, but it should also remind us that we are humans filled with an infinite amount of emotion. The first step to heal is to come into terms with an issue. We find it difficult to let go of people, places, and things that don’t serve us anymore; but some things are just inevitable from hurting us. We sometimes become too selfless and our ability to care for ourselves disappears into the mist of catering to other’s emotions. Remember, your individuality is IMPORTANT. Once the issue is surfaced, one should mourn. Take a couple days to cry. Maybe even grab that bucket of ice-cream and devour it in less than an hour. (If your’e lactose, there’s even vegan options now!) Whatever it takes, just as long as you allow yourself to accept your emotions and acknowledge them. Don’t neglect them, bottled up emotions lead to more pain.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

However, while you are mourning, always tell yourself: THINGS WILL GET BETTER.  We sometimes have to go through our own interpretation of hell in order to reach our blissful heaven. We wouldn’t be able to truly appreciate the good times if we never encounter a few bumps on the road. Certain situations feel impossible to move forward from, but stay positive! We have so much potential yet we fail to see how strong we truly are when we put our minds and bodies in sync with ambition. I cannot begin to fathom how truly powerful we are as individuals. Emotions can be hellish (especially when you’re all alone listening to Drake’s, “Marvin’s Room). Nonetheless, interpret these emotions as a step to grow. Avoiding the fact that you are hurt, sad, mad, etc. will only backfire. Live a little, not all moments in our life will be filled with joy. We only have one life; therefore, we should make the best of it. Crying doesn’t make us weak, it only reminds us that we feel… and we shouldn’t blame ourselves for being compassionate beings.

So, cry a little. Tomorrow is a better day.

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