Life is Tough but so am I

A few months ago I was in a major funk due to the fact of not feeling as fortunate as others. I assumed everyone’s life was better than mine because of the way they portray themselves through posts. I completely neglected the few things in my life I have been successful in and overall my negative thoughts took over the way I felt about myself.

My wonderful friend Tracie let me borrow one of her books, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, by Mark Manson, and it honestly knocked some sense into me. It helped me interpret my life in a different way:

When you stop and really think about it, conventional life advice – all positive and happy self-help stuff we hear all the time- is usually fixating on what you lack. It lasers in on what you perceive your personal shortcomings and failures to already be, and then emphasizes them for you. You learn about the best ways to make money because you feel you don’t have enough money already. You stand in front of the mirror and repeat affirmations saying that you’re beautiful because you feel as if you’re not beautiful already.

To my interpretation, Manson is implying that we fixate and invest too much time on trying to be better because we are not satisfied with the people that we are. However, I am not suggesting for others not to pursue a brighter future, but I am stating that an individual should not pressure themselves to change in order to fit into what society portrays to be “beautiful” or ” successful”.

I was constantly discrediting myself from all the hardships I have ever overcame. I was throwing myself into the shadows because I was not like these other individuals who “have better lives” than me.  Through time, I concluded I was not going to go anywhere by viewing life through the successes of others. I only have one life, and I am going to live it the way it makes me the happiest. All the milestones I will overcome and have overcame are not the same as others. So, why should I expect to be living the same life as them?

I am strong. I am intelligent, and so are you. We all have our own footsteps in the sand that cannot be synchronized by another. MAKE THE BEST OF IT AND CREATE A MASTERPIECE.

2 thoughts on “Life is Tough but so am I

  1. I have felt exactly this way for quite some time. I have a hard time expressing myself and you completely nailed it. I’ve always compared myself assuming everyone’s life is better and that I don’t really feel good enough when I’ve accomplished something. When I’m feeling down about myself I will read this blog again. Thank you. 💖

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